For me, coffee has always been about the experience.  The feel of my hands wrapped around a warm mug, eye to eye with someone across the table, good conversation making its way through swirling steam, a travel mug in hand while exploring a new city or just the smell of a fresh brew mixed with a good book or my journal on a quiet morning.

And now it has become even more than that.

We know that there are a plethora of places you can go to find yourself a great cup of coffee, so why choose Wild Ginger?  

Well, while some people call it vision, we call it our heart.  And our heart is for so much more than just a great cup of coffee.   

Our heart is to create a business that does not just give back, but exists to meet a specific need.  Our vision is to know that from plant to cup and beyond, our coffee is providing sustainability, resources, dignity and hope — specifically to those who are enslaved by or vulnerable to human trafficking. 

We don’t want to stamp fair trade on something and say that’s enough.  Our desire is to know, not only the people behind the work but to be assured that everyone along the way is being paid a fair, living wage; that they are cared for in community; and that this job is making a visible difference in their ability to provide for themselves and their families.  Trade that is not only fair, but life-changing.  Transparent Trade, if you will.

We want to connect people to their purchases by introducing them to the who and the why behind their purchase.  We want to help people see that their choices matter, even the seemingly small ones — like what coffee they drink in the morning. 

Our coffee isn't cheap, but neither are lives. 

To give honour or dignity to someone or something is to give it weight. 

A weightiness that reflects the value we place on them. 

When we expect people to do things for free or cut us a deal,

we are actually de-valuing their contribution.  

We are dishonouring them and ignoring their inherent dignity and worth.  

At Wild Ginger Coffee, we would rather sell less coffee at a higher price

than dishonour our people

by paying them less than they deserve in order to sell more. 

Don’t misunderstand me, we are not so naive as to believe that we have the answer to human trafficking, but we are audacious enough to believe in the power of one.  That if we can use a cup of coffee to give one woman the chance to live a life of dignity and freedom, we will have enabled her to reach out and pull up one more, and one more, and one more … 

Human trafficking continues to exist for many reasons, but I think the two roots are demand and dehumanization.  If there is no demand for a product it will not sell and if we see each other and ourselves as people instead of products we will treat the same as priceless parts of our communities not as profitable commodities.   

Wild Ginger Coffee is not committed to changing the world,

but to transforming the lives of individuals through relational and sustainable business practices and values.   


For now, that looks like beginning to build consistent and authentic relationships with our global and local coffee providers, vendors and customers.  It looks like committing a percentage of our profits to local and global initiatives directly involved in reaching out to those in and vulnerable to human trafficking. (10% Local: The Manor Ministry in Guelph, ON.  10% Global: Hope Ministries in Brazil.)  

You can follow our instagram page @wildgingercoffee for updates and to keep tabs on what’s up and coming for us.

Thank you for taking the time to hear our heart. 

It’s not all tidy and perfect.  We certainly don’t have it all figured out yet — this one-step-at-a-time thing can be a little tedious — but we are so excited to bring you Wild Ginger Coffee and to see lives wildly transformed and people free.




That every cup of Wild Ginger Coffee

would be excellent, every time.


That everyone, from our farmers to our customers,

can feel good about where this coffee comes from.


That every person involved in the process of producing coffee would be treated with dignity and earn a fair wage.


That every person would be

free from slavery of every form.